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Introducing our premium greenhouse-grown Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower, a true gem among hemp connoisseurs. With a THC potency of 18.3%, this indica-leaning hybrid offers a well-rounded experience that's both therapeutic and soothing. Hand-selected for its remarkable qualities, this beautifully machine-trimmed hemp flower showcases the best of nature's gifts.

Tahoe OG's aromatic profile is a delight to the senses, boasting notes of citrus, pine, and earth. As soon as you crack open the jar, you'll be greeted by a symphony of scents that promise a sensory journey like no other. Each inhalation unveils the rich, earthy base, accompanied by hints of zesty citrus and the refreshing embrace of pine, offering an experience that is both invigorating and calming.

The effects of our Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower are what truly set it apart. Experience a profound sense of relief as the tension in your body melts away. This strain is renowned for its sedative qualities, making it an excellent choice for those looking to unwind after a long day or seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of life.

Whether you're a seasoned hemp enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of CBD-rich strains, our Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower is sure to satisfy your cravings for relaxation and well-being. With every batch meticulously cultivated in our state-of-the-art greenhouse and thoughtfully machine-trimmed for perfection, you can trust that you're getting a top-quality product that meets the highest standards.

Enjoy the harmony of nature's finest aromas and effects with our Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower. Elevate your hemp experience and let the soothing embrace of this exquisite strain transport you to a state of tranquil bliss. Try it today and discover a new level of relaxation and calm in your daily routine.


If you are sensitive to THC please do not purchase this product; use it with caution! 
Please respect this product and only consume it in the comfort of your own home; do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Consult a doctor prior to consuming this product.

Tahoe OG High THCa Hemp Flower is super potent and best when mixed with CBD flower.

Please check your state and local laws before purchasing high THCa hemp flower.



Buy and consume at your own risk.

Although this is hemp, please act responsibly and treat this like a MJ product, as it looks and smells just like MJ. Grateful Bud is not responsible for anyone confiscating this hemp nor arresting or fining you for having this legal hemp product in your possession because of a misunderstanding of what it is.

Why Grateful Bud?

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We Test Every Batch

There is nothing more important to us than your safety. We have every batch of all our products tested through a third-party laboratory to ensure we are always providing the superior quality products our customers expect. You can visit our lab reports page to view the lab tests.


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We value your time, and your experience is very important to us! That’s the reason we offer free shipping on all orders over $100 anywhere in the United States. All our Hemp Flower is shipped discretely and contain lab reports as well as a notice to authorities to support the validity and legality of the of the products within the package. Hemp Flower orders are shipped in heat-sealed bags to preserve freshness and contain the scents of the products.


Customer Support

If you have any questions that have not been answered on our FAQ page, feel free to email or call us anytime to chat. It is very important to us that all your questions are answered; we are always here for you!


Please Note

Hemp Flower does contain traces of THC that are within the legal limits. YOU MAY FAIL A DRUG TEST!

The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 Sections 10113-10114

Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC


Tahoe OG Hybrid THCa Flower

Unlocking the Delightful World of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower

Have you ever found yourself searching for the perfect way to unwind after a long day or to alleviate the stress and strains of daily life? If so, you're not alone. Many people turn to various relaxation methods to find a sense of calm, and one such method that has gained popularity is the use of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower. This remarkable hemp strain has garnered attention for its potential therapeutic benefits, and in this blog post, we'll delve into the world of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower, exploring its origins, effects, and how it can enhance your overall well-being.

The Origin of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower

Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower has its roots in the serene Lake Tahoe region of California. It's a unique variant of the classic Tahoe OG strain that is cultivated and prized for its high levels of THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid). THCa is the precursor to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, THCa itself is non-psychoactive, making it a preferable choice for those seeking therapeutic benefits without the "high" associated with THC.

Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower is meticulously cultivated by experienced growers who value its distinct characteristics. It boasts a well-balanced terpene profile, contributing to its earthy, piney aroma and delightful flavor. This unique combination of features sets Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower apart from other hemp strains, making it an appealing option for those looking to explore the benefits of cannabinoids.

Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower: A Sensory Experience

When you first lay eyes on Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower, you'll be captivated by its dense, trichome-covered buds and earthy, pine-like scent. Its aesthetic appeal and fragrance alone can be quite enticing. As you break apart the buds, you'll notice the delicate, glistening crystals, which are rich in THCa.

When it comes to the sensory experience, the flavor of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower is equally as impressive. As you inhale, you'll be greeted by a combination of earthy, pine, and citrus notes, which blend harmoniously to create a truly unique taste. This enjoyable taste profile adds an extra layer of pleasure to your consumption, making it a delightful experience from start to finish.

How to Incorporate Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower

Incorporating Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower into your daily routine is a straightforward process. You can enjoy it in various ways, depending on your preferences. One popular method is smoking it in a joint or pipe, which provides a quick and efficient way to experience its effects. Alternatively, you can use it in a vaporizer for a smoother inhalation experience.

Another option is to infuse it into oil or butter for use in edibles, such as brownies or gummies. This allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits in a tasty and discreet manner. Just remember to start with a low dose and gradually increase it to find the right balance for your needs.

Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower: Legal and Non-Psychoactive

A significant advantage of Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower is its legal status in many places, given that it contains minimal levels of THC. This means you can enjoy its potential benefits without the concerns often associated with THC-rich cannabis strains. As the demand for hemp-derived products increases, so do the options for purchasing Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower, whether at your local dispensary or through online retailers like Grateful Bud.


Incorporating Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower into your wellness routine is a journey worth embarking on. Its unique terpene profile, delightful flavor, and potential therapeutic benefits make it a standout choice for those seeking relaxation and relief. Remember to start low and go slow to find the right balance for your individual needs, and enjoy the non-psychoactive goodness that Tahoe OG THCa Hemp Flower can offer. Embrace this delightful hemp strain and unlock a world of well-being and tranquility.